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We are your competent and highly-qualified Private Investigators for professional investigations in Trogir. You may hire our detective services for nation- and worldwide investigations – discreet and legally trained. To avoid the exclusion of evidence produced by us, we attach the highest importance to the legal usability of any evidence. Forget what you’ve seen in movies, most of the work of a Private Investigator becomes routine once he has the experience necessary to master the fundamental yet vital techniques of the trade. You’ll want to make sure you’ve chosen a Private Investigator that has the hands-on experience you need.

The Detective Agency "Pro-Investigations" is specialized in the execution of commercial and private investigations. We assist our clients in the private sector in all situations in which the help of a Private Detective is necessary. In the commercial enterprise sector, however, our investigators primarily clarify cases in which economic damage is imminent or has already occurred. Forget what you’ve seen in movies, most of the work of a Private Investigator becomes routine once he has the experience necessary to master the fundamental yet vital techniques of the trade. You’ll want to make sure you’ve chosen a Private Investigator that has the hands-on experience you need.

Fraud Investigation

We provide a wide range of investigation services and are skilled in obtaining documented evidence of fraud. Fraud today is rife and often results in financial loss and even death. By definition, fraud involves misrepresentation and intent to deceive. If either an individual or an organisation has made false claims or has taken actions, that in your view are misrepresentative or deceptive, then you’re likely to need evidence to either support or disprove your suspicion.

If you think you’ve been the victim of fraud, you owe it to yourself and to other potential victims to get to the bottom of your suspicion. Irrespective of the nature of the fraud you suspect, we’ll work with you.


In the world of investigations, the difference between a good investigator and a great investigator is often measured by their ability to conduct true, covert surveillance without being compromised. In the business, we call this “getting burned”. Not getting burned is the mark of someone who truly understands the craft of surveillance. Covert surveillance is an art just like any other.

Positioning, equipment, intelligence, and undetected movement all fold into a successful surveillance or stakeout. However, the craft of surveillance is far from the TV show example of simply sitting in the back of a van with a camera across the street, it’s much more than that.

Family Law Investigations

Private investigators do a lot more than just cheating partner investigations these days. Investigators also assist in the areas of child custody, financial settlements, proof of income, stalking, hacking, child investigations and more. Even if there is no court action on foot, a private eye may be able to help you get peace of mind. If the evidence is for a legal dispute, rest assured that a licenced investigator is the best person to use to get proof for court.

A family dispute or a separation is one of the most challenging life events someone can experience. Because of the emotional upheaval, those involved usually make poor decisions about how to solve the problems facing them, worsening their predicament. When life presents its most difficult challenges, it’s important to consult experts who have assisted others through similar circumstances. It’s also crucial that you act promptly as this may give you a strategic advantage in family law proceedings.

Child Custody Investigations

Depending on the specific case, a child custody investigator will use surveillance to determine how a parent or guardian treats their child. Investigators will legally document any abuse or neglect they witness in photos, videos, and audio recordings. They will also question potential witnesses, like family members, and conduct background checks on custodial parties. When investigating a parent, an investigator looks for things like alcohol abuse, criminal activity, reckless driving, gambling, drug abuse, and any other activities that negatively affect the child. They will also ensure that the parent is providing a safe, clean living space, healthy food, emotional support, and other necessities for their child. These investigators are trained to see the safety of the child as a priority. Sometimes, investigations are even conducted without the knowledge of the child in order to cause them less stress. If the results are problematic, an investigator will not only turn in a report but also testify in court.

Inheritance Investigations

Inheritance Investigations can provide information to you regarding unclaimed inheritance assets that you believe are waiting for you to claim, or can provide documentation and evidence if you believe someone has maliciously interfered with your legal inheritance. Either way, "PRO-INVESTIGATIONS" has professional private investigators ready to help you with your case. As is often the case with anything involving assets and money, there are people out there who will try to take what does not belong to them. If you believe that someone has illegally or wrongfully interfered with your inheritance, a private investigator can provide evidence you need. You can take this evidence to a court of law and get a judgment in your favor so you can claim what belongs to you.

Address Check

One would actually think that locating a delivery address or any other address for a person should not really present a great problem, even for an ordinary person – particularly with the many convenient facilities that the digital age offers, from Facebook through to the telephone entries in Internet telephone directories. A person who does not wish to be found generally needs only to fail to inform the relevant residents’ registration office when they move house in order to cover most of their tracks. In these cases the research ends with the classical cliché that the missing person is of ‘unknown address’. The excellent investigative skills of our detectives as well as our flexibly deployable technical equipment can often locate the required address in a short period of time and with high accuracy. The reasons for employing our detective agency with regard to address location are varied and could be of a private or business nature.

Online Romance | Online Dating

The world of dating has changed beyond recognition in just one generation. Back before the internet revolution, couples would ordinarily meet through friends, work and going to the local bar. While these are still ways to meet and find love, the internet has opened up a different kind of search. Unfortunately there is a big down side to online dating and forming online relationships – you can’t physically see or interact with the person you are talking to. You can’t hear their voice in person and accurately judge whatever they tell you about themselves. You just have to take their word as the truth until you know otherwise. There are of course millions of genuine profiles out there, of genuine people looking for love. But there are also those out there who for reasons of profitable gain are looking to target the vulnerable and lonely. Relationship scammers want to take your money, and with it your happiness.
If you are looking to hire a private investigator for an online relationship background check, contact Pro-Investigations. We offer a range of discreet investigation services to meet your needs. Find love in a safe and happy environment, and don’t get scammed online!

Person Locates | Missing Persons

Partners or family members, a friend or acquaintance or in the most dramatic cases, a child: Anyone who is suddenly confronted with the disappearance of a loved one is catapulted into a mixture of shock, fear and grief. Because in addition to missing the absent person, there is also the nagging uncertainty: What happened on the day of the disappearance or shortly before that? Was this a crime or did the missing person disappear willingly? Are they in need of help or are they even still alive? Only a few of the many questions that the worried relatives or friends have and for which there is no answer.

In most cases there is, of course, support available from the police when looking for missing persons – however, this is not always as intensive as the relatives or friends would like. So, when the search has gone on for a longer period of time and has proved futile, sooner or later the investigation will be shelved – even against the will of those remaining – until a new lead appears.

Property Management

If you need to gain a better understanding of what your tenants are up to, a detective investigator can help gather surveillance to be used as evidence that the tenant is acting against the terms of their tenancy agreements. Perhaps you suspect they are subletting the property they live in, and you need proof but cannot access the property yourself. We have also successfully proven that tenants in arrears with their rent are spending money elsewhere. This crucial evidence can help you get the tenant evicted and let the property to someone more honest about their bills and rent commitments.

Human Trafficking

Pоvеrtу, hоmеlеѕѕnеѕѕ, runaways, brоkеn fаmіlіеѕ, high ѕсhооl drор-оut rаtеѕ, роrnоgrарhу (mаѕѕ mеdіа): еасh аrе ѕtаnd-аlоnе ѕосіаl іѕѕuеѕ thаt perpetuate the increase in numbers of trafficking victims. Trаffісkеrѕ nоt оnlу lооk fоr vulnеrаblе аnd аt-rіѕk female уоuth, thеу tаrgеt thе mаlе рорulаtіоn tо еnlіѕt them as buyers. Some of the red-flag indicators of human trafficking are apartments or houses with tin foil, bars or other coverings on the windows, a large number of people for one living space, lack of private space or personal possessions, or random various vehicles frequently visiting the house. If you suspect someone you know or love has disappeared as a result of human trafficking, remember that a private investigator is an excellent resource to assist with bringing the missing person home safe and sound.

Stalking & Mobbing

The term stalking refers to any activity where a person contacts or pesters another person against their will and restricts their personal rights.
It is not uncommon for the consequences for people who are harassed by a stalker to be massive and range from psychological responses through economic losses and on to physical injuries. The term stalking is particularly well known in the context of public figures. Typical examples are singers or actors, who are followed practically day and night by one of their fans in seemingly pathological worship. However, this behavior that appears to be anchored far away in the world of stars and starlets has long since crossed over into everyday life: For example, the family man is followed by a lovesick woman, the dismissed employee wants to make his former boss’s life hell and the abandoned partner who will stop at nothing against his ex-girlfriend’s will – in some cases even resorting to violence – to persuade her to come back to him.

Premarital Screening

As the world becomes more connected and ever-more technologically sophisticated, you need an investigative partner who can help you protect yourself from new and emerging risks. Our premarital and dating background checks will help you get the facts and stay safe.

Online dating was once a rarity, especially in the early days of the internet revolution. As that technology became more commonplace and social media dating sites increased in number, more and more people began to date and find love online. Along with that increase in online romance, however, many have also encountered online dating scams, with many of those frauds originating at international dating sites. Sadly, some victims only learn about the fraud after they’ve lost money, or -even worse – married their online partner. Fortunately, you can minimize that risk with effective premarital screening and verification from our company.

Financial Fraud

Corporate fraud occurs more frequently than most business owners realize – and when it does, its impact can be devastating for the companies involved. Unfortunately, theft, embezzlement, inventory losses, stolen intellectual property, and similar financial abuses will often continue until steps are taken to identify the offenders and hold them accountable for their crimes. Most companies are ill-equipped to handle these investigations on an in-house basis, however. To protect their business from fraud and its ill-effects, they need to rely on professional financial fraud investigations from the trusted experts at Pro-Investigations.

Vehicle Investigations

Most of the vehicles sold today are key codes or tracking systems, such as LoJack or OnStar. Some of them are microparticles that mark individual parts of the car, so they can be identified if the car enters the crusher. However, professional theft can avoid even very complex systems.

Unfortunately, car theft is very common. The use of reasonable security measures and the maintenance of a photograph, as well as copies of the registration information of the vehicle, can help you in case of theft. A good private investigator will work for your best interest in the recovery of a car.

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