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Selected for their experience, conscientiousness and inter-personal skills, our team of high calibre bodyguards are adaptable, astute and robust with exceptional situational awareness. Tailored to suit the precise needs of the principal, our personal protection services are robust yet discreet - subtly enhancing the safety of every client. The protection team, or individual bodyguard, will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle giving you a subtle yet reassuring security presence. Whether you wish to hire an individual bodyguard or hire a full close protection team, our bodyguard services will provide you with a subtle yet reassuring security presence.

Executive Security

Depending on your profession or lifestyle, some everyday situations may not be entirely risk-free, regardless of if the threat is opportunistic or planned. Incidents that affect personal safety, both indirectly or directly, can and do occur each day. From government officials, executives, VIPs, celebrities and others who are seeking protective services. Our executive protection can be deployed as teams or individuals to provide you with the executive protection necessary for your well-being and peace of mind. Many of our personal security team members are former law enforcement officers or military members that have been specially trained to provide you with the security services that you want and need. This background provides them with the unrivaled knowledge and experience to deal with any executive protection situation they are assigned to.


If you’re a VIP, executive, celebrity, rapper, artist, politician, banker or just looking for personal protection and are looking to hire a bodyguard. Our Service offers the expertise you can trust. Some of the world’s rich and famous trust our bodyguards to keep them safe. There are many reasons why an executive or VIP would choose personal security services. Executives could be in charge of large companies that are worth millions or more, leaving them to be a high-valued target for robbery, assault, and more. There could be threats made against executives and even bribery and blackmail from a member of the public or disgruntled employees. When it comes to other VIPs, they do not need necessarily need to be a famous Hollywood star, but public figures who may have made a name for themselves in other ways. VIPs can also be prone to incidents also like robbery or even kidnap and ransom due to wealth or influence. While these things won’t necessarily happen, it is always a good idea to stay safe with the use of a bodyguard, especially when out in public.

Diplomatic Protection Service

Diplomats, parliament members, government leaders and senior politicians are often in potential danger. They are frequently exposed to a wide variety of risks including kidnapping, hostile attacks and assassination. In order to maintain their safety, in their country and abroad, their public appearances must be closely monitored. Achieving sufficient security under these high-risk circumstances requires the services of an experienced personal security detail (PSD) that is trained to protect diplomatic parties and public figures. In order to ensure the client’s ongoing safety, the close protection officers manning the PSD must know the ins and outs of personal protection, but they also need to understand the potential volatility of the political arena. Diplomatic protection service comprises all the security services imaginable to protect diplomats, consulates, ambassadors including their families, residences and governmental buildings anywhere in the world.

Influencer & Youtube Stars

Consider our bodyguard services a personalized shield that reacts to your specific requirements. In today’s unpredictable world, their experience in risk assessment, strategic planning, and crisis management makes them an invaluable asset. By enlisting their help, you are making a long-term investment in your security. The value of bodyguard services in a society where safety concerns are frequent cannot be overstated. These professionals provide more than just physical security. They also give a sense of power from knowing you’re taking proactive actions to defend yourself. Hiring our bodyguards is a wise and proactive move if you want to take your safety to the next level. If you’re a VIP, executive, celebrity, rapper, artist or just looking for personal protection and are looking to hire a bodyguard. Our Service offers the expertise you can trust. Some of the world’s rich and famous trust our bodyguards to keep them safe. Feel Safe with Our Professional Bodyguard Services.

Family Security

Living in fear is no way to live. If you’re going through a divorce, child custody case, or are in general fear for your family, then you need security services you can trust. Utilizing the services of either armed or unarmed uniformed security guards can provide you with the peace of mind you want and need. Our company provides family security services you can count on, from a licensed and insured company. In addition to providing superior family security services, our professional team can also assist with child custody investigations. Do you worry about your kids when they are with your ex-spouse or their other parent? Are you currently going through a child custody case to retain full custody? If so, then our investigative services can be beneficial. We understand the delicate nature of child custody cases and are available to help discreetly investigate the case and gather evidence that can help you achieve the desired outcome. Living in fear that something may happen to your children can be debilitating, our team is here to help with cautious, thorough investigation services you can depend on, too.


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