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When a disaster strikes and an organization’s future is in jeopardy, Pro-Investigations Risk and Crisis Management Team in Austria implements forceful and smart strategies to respond to the ensuing legal, policy and media challenges. Clients rely on Pro-Investigations to advise them in high-risk and sensitive situations based on our extensive experience in enforcement actions, civil and criminal litigation, government affairs, and necessary communications about difficult topics.


Preparing for disasters is a vital part of our service. We educate clients on its importance to their core investment strategy and the business case for resilience. Every decision must consider the interplay between natural, human, economic and social systems to protect assets.

When disaster strikes, we respond quickly. Following major incidents such as economic collapse, cyber-attacks, severe weather, fires, earthquakes and criminal attacks, we provide infrastructure damage assessment, forensic evaluations and a range of physical, cyber, information, security, and espionage risk support so as to provide rapid recovery and a return to normalcy.

Managing Information Risk

Pro-Investigation´s specialists understand the importance of protecting information as it is the lifeblood of any organisation. Businesses face threats on a day to day basis, from competitors, criminal elements, disgruntled employees, and state-sponsored attacks. Information security, sometimes shortened to infosec, is the practice of protecting information by mitigating information risks. It is part of information risk management.

Our team of experts utilise the most advanced, restricted access equipment available and provide an information risk management and advisory service that is second to none. We help by assessing the risks and threats to your information, review your current policies and controls, and put in place a strategy to ensure your information remains secure. Our on-going maintenance and assurance plans provide you peace of mind in knowing you are protected moving forward.

Operational Risk

When losses occur due to the failure of the operations, procedures and controls of the organisation or from internal organisational shortfalls, these are classified as operational risks. Our specialists come from a variety of specialisations and regions around the globe. We understand the operating landscape around the world and can provide a tailor-made ad-hoc or ongoing, managed solution to mitigate operational risks.

We have a best-in-class process and integrate our risk strategy in all our solutions. We project manage assignments and ensure practices, policies, and strategies are aligned with each client.

Perimeter Risks

These are the sort of risks that cannot be as easily predicted or prevented. They are risks such as extreme weather or political and legal changes. Managing perimeter risks often looks like contingency planning. In cases where these sort of instances occur, the risk of crisis lies in being unprepared. It is key to come up with plans for how you will adjust to a variety of changing scenarios. By knowing ahead of time how an act of nature or a new legal policy would affect your company or organization, you will be able to react more quickly and deliberately if any of these risks should come to fruition.

Strategic Risks

Strategic risks could cause changes in your company’s leadership or loss of reputation either in your industry or the public eye. Certain strategic plans may make sense from the inside, but those who do not understand the risks could question your judgement and doubt your good business practices. You need to plan for public response to dramatic changes to your strategic plan. Learn to accept that although your decisions are made in good judgement, people may not accept your reasoning – prepare a message that justifies your decision and how it creates a benefit to stakeholders and the public.

Financial Risks

Almost all organizations have the potential for a financial crisis, but by constantly managing the potential risks that lead to a financial crisis, they can be avoidable. Evaluating the financial state of an organization or company can sometimes be enough to understand and potentially mitigate the risks involved. By taking time to look into all financials, and identify possible areas of risk, you cut down the possibility of a financial crisis situation exponentially.

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