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Site owner: Christoph Sint

Authorized private detective
licensed to carry out observations and investigations and to provide personal protection in accordance with § 129 Trade Regulation Act

Address: Liebenauer-Hauptstraße 2-6
Zip code: 8041 Graz

Phone: +43 664 / 57 0000 7

The detective Christoph Sint (Pro-Investigations) points out to protect the consumer that in addition to the main branch Liebenauer-Hauptstraße 2-6, 8041 Graz and legally registered dependent branches are maintained in which personnel are present only after telephone arrangement and can be visited by the customer. In addition, our advertising appearances at various designated cities in Austria and Europe are in part operational areas, which are looked after by the nearest location office of our detective agency. A mark, which also explicitly points out, is with the respective cities at home and abroad noted. Both the dependent branches and the operational areas serve to provide the customer with a contractually optimal basis for the arrival and departure of and to operations insured. Between the client and the detective agency "Pro-Investigations (Christoph Sint), the agreements made are valid by means of a concluded order and fee agreement.

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