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Private Investigator in 9020 Klagenfurt (Carinthia) for professional investigations on the highest level. We support clients from various sectors including Law firms, family businesses, corporate entities and private individuals who recognize our extensive capability and our ethical, intelligent led approach within the provision of accurate and concise information where client discretion and confidentiality is paramount. We assist law firms and in-house counsel in need of evidence for litigation through field investigations, witness interviews, surveillance and other fact gathering means.

Attorneys outsource research and information gathering to private investigators, allowing them to focus and properly prepare for their court date. Our professionally handled investigations supplement attorney’s legal work, ultimately creating a stronger case and providing attorneys the help they need. Strategic Investigations & Security is licensed and insured so all evidence gathered can be used in court or mediation. Let us locate that key witness that cannot be located or defendant that is nowhere to be found and you need served. Strategic Services identifies and locates missing or unknown heirs when dispersing an estate. We provide nationwide relationship verification with locating beneficiaries or any person you need located.

Surveillance Teams

Surveillance is commonly used in a wide variety of operations in order to gather evidence and intelligence. There are five types of surveillance but the most commonly used is physical surveillance, the definition of which is:

The continuous observation of a person, place, vehicle or object either covertly or overtly. How surveillance works is a trade secret but an overview is when agents are deployed to observe the target. This can be done in a variety of different ways and the number of operatives required will also be relative to each cases specific circumstances.

Divorce Proceedings

Getting divorced is a difficult, upsetting and highly stressful situation. As the court proceedings get underway, relations between the two parties can break down and it can be difficult to get your affairs in order. On top of this, it might seem like your ex-spouse is hiding things from you and the court, and you could be finding it difficult to gather evidence to support the claims you’re making. Maybe you’ve considered using a private investigator to assist you in preparing for your divorce court proceedings, but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right move. We’ve put together some of the ways a PI can be a massive help to you during your divorce, to help you make up your mind.

If your divorce case is particularly difficult, and you suspect your partner of serious indiscretions, perhaps you’d want to find out more about their past. Maybe they haven’t been honest with you about their life before they met you, and you have concerns about what they have hidden from you. Our private investigators can easily verify whether they have ever previously been in trouble with the law, putting your mind at rest and giving you more solid evidence in your case against your ex. Within a divorce case, it can be frustrating that you often wish you had hard evidence of your claims – this is where a private detective comes in. Pro-Investigations have years of experience gathering information and evidence for divorce cases, and can help you feel confident in your divorce proceedings.

Child Custody Investigations

Parting is painful. This wise saying not only applies to divorces that are not by mutual agreement in which one of the two partners is suffering greatly through the breakup. The pain of separation is also not always based on the financial loss that a marriage partner must often endure. The most emotional breakups – in the private context and in a law court – are most often those where a fierce battle is fought for the custody of the couple’s children. Disputes that are incidentally not only on the agenda with marital divorces but also with the breakdown of non-married partnerships must be dealt with.

It is not uncommon that the highly emotional “object of the dispute” – the child – results in the two parties deliberately speaking ill of each other in court. This goes so far that some people recount tales of offenses such as the neglect or abuse of the child, drug or alcohol abuse or crimes, directed against their ex-partners. And the reverse may also arise: The former partner is, in fact, not able to provide adequate care for the child due to their way of life, but denies this. It is difficult for the layperson to provide the necessary evidence. Our detective agency is experienced in custody battles and can help in this case to secure adequate evidence, which will also withstand legal scrutiny. Particularly with these highly emotional proceedings, it cannot be said often enough that the parties involved should have the advice and know-how of a professional detective agency on their side.

Person Locates | Missing Persons

Partners or family members, a friend or acquaintance or in the most dramatic cases, a child: Anyone who is suddenly confronted with the disappearance of a loved one is catapulted into a mixture of shock, fear and grief. Because in addition to missing the absent person, there is also the nagging uncertainty: What happened on the day of the disappearance or shortly before that? Was this a crime or did the missing person disappear willingly? Are they in need of help or are they even still alive? Only a few of the many questions that the worried relatives or friends have and for which there is no answer.

In most cases there is, of course, support available from the police when looking for missing persons – however, this is not always as intensive as the relatives or friends would like. So, when the search has gone on for a longer period of time and has proved futile, sooner or later the investigation will be shelved – even against the will of those remaining – until a new lead appears.

Stalking & Mobbing

The term stalking refers to any activity where a person contacts or pesters another person against their will and restricts their personal rights.
It is not uncommon for the consequences for people who are harassed by a stalker to be massive and range from psychological responses through economic losses and on to physical injuries. The term stalking is particularly well known in the context of public figures. Typical examples are singers or actors, who are followed practically day and night by one of their fans in seemingly pathological worship. However, this behavior that appears to be anchored far away in the world of stars and starlets has long since crossed over into everyday life: For example, the family man is followed by a lovesick woman, the dismissed employee wants to make his former boss’s life hell and the abandoned partner who will stop at nothing against his ex girlfriend will in some cases even resorting to violence – to persuade her to come back to him.

Address Check

One would actually think that locating a delivery address or any other address for a person should not really present a great problem, even for an ordinary person – particularly with the many convenient facilities that the digital age offers, from Facebook through to the telephone entries in Internet telephone directories. A person who does not wish to be found generally needs only to fail to inform the relevant residents’ registration office when they move house in order to cover most of their tracks. In these cases the research ends with the classical cliché that the missing person is of ‘unknown address’. The excellent investigative skills of our detectives as well as our flexibly deployable technical equipment can often locate the required address in a short period of time and with high accuracy. The reasons for employing our detective agency with regard to address location are varied and could be of a business or private nature.

Online Dating | Online Romance

If you find yourself getting involved with someone online, but you think you need a bit more certainty about who they are, call Pro-Investigations. Our private investigators can advise you on how to handle the situation, as well as conducting some discreet enquiries. A relationship background check may help discover if they are who they say they are – or perhaps find out if they are faking. Through our investigative techniques, we are able to find out all sorts of hidden secrets that you would otherwise not know about. If you are looking to hire a private investigator for an online relationship background check, contact Pro-Investigations. We offer a range of discreet investigation services to meet your needs. Find love in a safe and happy environment, and don’t get scammed online!

Background Check

Also in preface to appointing (an employee) – i.e. in regards to the complete application and selection process- and also for filling possibly sensitive positions, it is possible to investigate whether a candidate is ideal. This is particularly important when dealing with positions associated with a high degree of responsibility, with access to confidential data or activities involving the security business. In the vast majority of cases, the comprehensive investigative results of our detective agency can provide the company with a meaningful profile of the applicant with a high degree of relevance for the decision on appointment. Candidates can often be very inventive in order to gain access to the know-how of another company. To do so, falsified application documents are often used in order to make their entry into the company easier.

Illicit Work Investigations

Illicit work means that someone is pursuing an improper activity, for which they evade the tax and social security payments as they have not registered for the work. This deliberate circumvention of the legal regulations is an offense – both for the persons who condone the illegal and illicit work in their business and for the persons who are working without being registered. The clients, who seek out our detective agency due to problems related to illicit working, come with various different motivations that may even be of a private nature. Take, for example, the lady who receives no financial support from her ex-husband with him claiming that he is unable to pay, and who would now like to obtain evidence that he is in fact earning a great deal of money working illegally in the construction industry. In many cases however, it is companies that use our service of uncovering employees who have specialized in illicit working – and this is done primarily for two reasons.

Criminal Investigations

Tacet Global has run and supported various criminal and civil cases where our specific expertise has been required. Criminal investigations are a very common occurrence and we have been instructed by both Austrian based and European customers. Whether we are tasked with supporting an ongoing investigation or are engaged to look into suspected criminality prior to the involvement of law enforcement, out team of specialist operatives with be able to help.

We have a wide variety of private detectives from numerous Austrian based regions who have worked extensively in highly specific areas of criminal investigations. Whether it be fraud, forensics or theft to name but a few, our operatives have helped many of our clients with criminal investigations.

Fraud Investigations

We have vast experience of working with clients as a result of suspected fraud. Whether it be due to a private matter or from company and business issues, our experts will be able to help. We have conducted a range of investigations related to fraud for both private clients and corporations in the UK and overseas. These cases have ranged from small and relatively simplistic cases to large international investigations across numerous countries.

We are also able to utilise the skills of forensic accountants and specialist OSINT experts to be able to gather further intelligence and evidence to further support our cases. Whether our clients have been defrauded out of money due to a type of investment or a large corporate institution suspects internal financial misconduct, our experienced investigators have helped numerous clients based in Austria and abroad.


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