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The range of illegal activities and crimes on the internet is huge and extends from fraud through arms trafficking as well as drug dealing, to attacks, phishing of personal access data, credit card information, and network intrusions. Cybercrime can have many faces and because of the constantly growing globalisation it is increasingly becoming an issue. Annualy millions of damages are caused in Austria, only in 2016 there were 13103 reports of cybercrimes, however the number of unreported cases may be significantly higher.

Internet Fraud

Online criminals are growing increasingly clever, using the latest technology and techniques to cheat people on the Internet. Our extensive knowledge and experience of online fraud and our understanding of frausters’ methods gives us the edge in combating online crimes. If you suspect you have been a victim of online fraud – perhaps you responded to a cleverly constructed scam email, got stung by an online purchase that turned out not to be what was promised, or you fear someone has been careless with your information, leaving you vulnerable – then get in touch with one of our investigators. Our specialised cyber investigators have an excellent success rate, and we use the most up-to-date technology and cutting-edge techniques to make sure we stay one step ahead of the fraudsters, helping you stay safe online.

Reputation Management

Do you know what your online identity is saying about you? Whether you’re working as an individual or as a company, it’s important to know what people are seeing when they search you online, and we have the tools to help. We can investigate your online reputation and help you deal with any problems that arise, such as brandjacking, phishing, SEO manipulation and typosquatting, ensuring that when potential clients Google you, they’re getting the right information. When your reputation is positive, you inspire customer loyalty, a significant driver of revenue and growth. A negative reputation can be damaging to sales and customer retention, but it also helps you learn about what customers like, which can be helpful for updating business processes to better meet consumer needs.

Email and IP Tracing

Every device, server, and even a website on a computer network is assigned a unique IP address. When a user communicates with another user, server, or website, this IP address identifies the device on the network in the communication protocol. This way a device becomes accessible on a network and can receive all types of data and services. If you need to know the source of an email or the origin of an IP address, hiring an experienced cyber investigator can help. Maybe you’ve received an email that’s threatening, or that you suspect is from someone other than it claims to be. Perhaps a certain IP address is causing you problems, or behaving in ways that could point to stalking or fraud. Our investigations can bring you peace of mind or help you decide on your next steps.

Identity Theft, Impersonation & Fake Profiles

With more essential parts of life now taking place online than ever before, it’s increasingly important to protect your identity and the integrity of your online profile. If someone is pretending to be you online, it can be tough to know where to start fixing the problem. Let us do the hard work for you – our cyber investigations can help you get your identity back under your control. Plus, if someone else has created a false identity to scam you, either on an online dating site or on social media, we can help. If you suspect you’re being catfished – that is, that someone has created a fake online identity to get close to you – our catfish background check service could be invaluable. Our thorough investigation will include crucial information like their real name and marital status, as well as any criminal history or other important things to know.

Online Harassment & Abuse

As Internet use generally rises, so do incidences of online harassment and abuse – but you don’t have to just endure it. It can feel as though online harassers are untouchable, but we know exactly how to find them. A professional cyber investigator can help if you’re being targeted for online crimes like cyberstalking, cyberbullying, trolling or revenge porn. Often the police struggle to deal with these cases because of a lack of resources, but our cyber investigators can investigate to identify the harasser, gather all the evidence you need to put a stop to it, and guide you in your next steps for dealing with the problem, as well as helping to protect your online reputation. Get the truth - we are the Experts for Investigations & Security Operations.

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