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Private Investigator in Graz for professional investigations on the highest level. We support clients from various sectors including Law firms, family businesses, corporate entities and private individuals who recognize our extensive capability and our ethical, intelligent led approach within the provision of accurate and concise information where client discretion and confidentiality is paramount. We assist law firms and in-house counsel in need of evidence for litigation through field investigations, witness interviews, surveillance and other fact gathering means. Through Insight, Evidence and Security services we provide holistic, client centric solutions to any of your requirements. Our business solutions solves business challenges.

Attorneys outsource research and information gathering to private investigators, allowing them to focus and properly prepare for their court date. Our professionally handled investigations supplement attorney’s legal work, ultimately creating a stronger case and providing attorneys the help they need. Strategic Investigations & Security is licensed and insured so all evidence gathered can be used in court or mediation. Let us locate that key witness that cannot be located or defendant that is nowhere to be found and you need served. Strategic Services identifies and locates missing or unknown heirs when dispersing an estate. We provide nationwide relationship verification with locating beneficiaries or any person you need located.

Our highly trained team is equipped with top quality technology, ensuring that the case is fully executed and handled professionally and lawfully. Once the Investigation is completed, a thorough report will be provided to you within 48 hours, ready for court with all accompanying evidence. We offer a range of Private & Corporate Services including matrimonial surveillance, GPS Tracking, background checks, bug sweeping and child custody investigations as well as investigating fraud and theft, among other services. Our Private Investigator and Private Detective services are fully legal and reliable. Our mission is to make the private investigator industry more accessible to both individuals and corporate clients. Contact us today to speak to one of our team members who will be able to give you free and anonymous advice in regards to your case.


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The first consultation is completely without obligation and without charge. In many cases the cost of detective work can be demanded back from the injuring party by way of compensation according to § 1295 ABGB.

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