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Private Detective - Private Investigator for Graz, Leoben, Bruck an der Mur, Leibnitz, Feldbach, Hartberg, Fürstenfeld, Deutschlandsberg, Voitsberg, Mürzzuschlag ?

The detective agency "PRO-INVESTIGATIONS" in 8042 Graz, offers you investigations on the highest level, whether in Graz, Graz surroundings, Deutschlandsberg, Hartberg, Fürstenfeld, Leibnitz, Leoben, Liezen, Murau, Murtal, southeastern Styria, Voitsberg, Weiz, the whole Styria, Austria as well as Europe and worldwide. Years of professional experience in the operative investigation service as well as the highest loyalty, complete transparency so much professional investigation characterize our detective agency.

You suspect your partner is cheating you?

It is disappointing and painful if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. Of course, you want to know for sure if and with whom the partner is a stranger. The uncertainty and doubt about the loyalty of the partner affect the quality of life and everyday life. Initially, many betrayed partners think that they can handle the insecurity better than the painful truth, but that is not the case. The longer the uncertainty, the greater the psychological burden.

What we can do for you

We shadow your partner around the clock, no matter where in the world. Where does the person stay and, above all, with whom?
What happens at these meetings? With hard consequences for the unfaithful spouse, but the question of guilt decides about possible maintenance demands. In most cases, we can determine in no time whether the trust is abused by your partner or not. We provide clarity so you can be sure.

You need a private investigator address or people search?

But many people also see the possibility of a new beginning in their disappearance, leaving behind the worries and pressure of social connections. For the most part, relatives and relatives who can not explain the disappearance remain. It does not only burden the loss, but also the uncertainty. In most cases, people also disappear because of their financial situation and the associated debts and problems, in which case the creditor usually stays on the debt!
If you miss someone or are looking for a debtor, contact us!

Private Investigator for Custody Investigations and Maintenance Matters?

Violations of the obligation to care, changes in the work and income of the ex-partner and the inclusion of a marital or marriage-like partnership require the law to change the previously agreed and made maintenance arrangements, especially in family disputes concerning the custody and the right of residence of common children goes, or even a child endangerment can not be excluded, the use of our detective agency helps to document the truth and you finally have certainty.

Slander, bad slander or credit damage?

False claims, slander or insults to honor can not only offend, but also cause a lot of damage and threaten your existence! Defamation is a libel offense and technical term from the Criminal Code, the offense of the evil Nachrede is according to §111 StGB before, if one expresses a false allegations about someone, or which is suitable to make the same contemptible or downgrade in public opinion. Basically, the facts of the slander and slander are relatively similar. False assertion about someone is made in the Bad Reputation without knowing whether this claim is actually correct. The slander on the other hand is a deliberately false suspicion of a punishable offense.
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Are you looking for a private investigator for inheritance law?

A community of heirs is not always in agreement, and not everyone is entitled to inheritance, but even with problems of this kind, the investigators of our detective agency can help you to ensure that everything is correct. A deceased person is referred to in inheritance law as a testator, the heirs are legal successors of the testator. The inheritance law includes all regulations concerning the transfer of the estate of a deceased to his heirs, if you wish to investigate, do not hesitate to contact us!

Are you looking for a private detective to investigate thefts?

A worrying thing is the rapid increase in theft offenses - an unpleasant topic, in the best case, the batteries of the fragrance dispenser on the toilet disappear, but it can of course also get worse - when money or valuables are stolen from the company. According to estimates in almost every company.
Infidelity, fraud and embezzlement to a significant extent occur in about 50 to 70 percent of companies. Whether at the electronics retailer, in the supermarket, the bakery, in the car workshop, large or small companies, if they suspect to be robbed, contact us and let our professional detective agency advise you, the initial consultation is completely free !

Victim of stalking?

The goal of our detective agency at Stalking is over - when the harassment is over, the stalker's ever-recurring oppression can cause serious mental, physical and financial harm to the victim. Stalking is the persistent pursuit of a person against their declared will and that via telephone terrorism, contact via third parties, on character assassination, on a lot of different creative methods, in Austria applies since July 1, 2006, the so-called "anti-stalking law" (§ 107a Penal Code, Act of "persistent persecution"), which better protects victims of harassment. The stalker seeks proximity to the victim, establishes contact with the victim via telecommunications or other means of communication or through third parties, or orders goods or services on behalf of the victim using the victim's personal information.

Call us! The first consultation is completely non-binding and free.

The first consultation is completely without obligation and without charge. In many cases the cost of detective work can be demanded back from the injuring party by way of compensation according to § 1295 ABGB.

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