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You are looking for a Private Detective - Private Investigator in Vienna?

The detective agency PRO-INVESTIGATIONS in 1010 Vienna offers you top-level investigations, whether Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, the whole of Austria as well as Europe and worldwide. Years of professional experience in the operative investigation service as well as the highest loyalty, full transparency as well as the most professional investigations characterize our detective agency. We are your competent and discreet partner for legal evidence and documentation for the realization of your legal claims.

Adultery, cheating, infidelity, affair or relationship?

There are many names for the most painful experience you can experience in a partnership. Alone the suspicion, one could be betrayed by the partner, can be unbearable, therefore you need clarity, so that you have certainty and can sleep again peacefully. The uncertainty and the wasting doubts, as well as the suspicion of being cheated on by one's partner, are a hard emotional stress test. Initially, many betrayed partners think that they can handle the uncertainty better than the painful truth, but that is not the case.
The uncertainty and doubt about the loyalty of the partner affect the quality of life and everyday life.

We shadow your partner around the clock, no matter where in the world. Where does the person stay and, above all, with whom? What happens at these meetings? With hard consequences for the unfaithful spouse, but the question of guilt decides about possible maintenance demands. Our detective agency in Vienna provides proof of possible adultery and the infidelity of the partner. The detective costs can be demanded in many cases as damages in accordance with § 1295 ABGB from the perpetrator back. Just call us if you have questions or use our contact form at the bottom of this page.

Private detective for inheritance law?

A deceased person is referred to in inheritance law as a testator. Heirs are legal successors of the testator. The loss of a close relative is bad enough, but it can often lead to legal problems in the estate settlement. Especially if there is no will, an entitled person can not be found or a forgery of the will is suspected. Not always is a community of heirs in agreement and not in each case is everyone entitled to inherit. If there is a real suspicion that you are being brought to their legal heirs, our experienced investigators can help expose Erbchleicher and ensure clear evidence that can be used in court!

Private Investigator for Custody Investigations and Maintenance Matters?

From our many years of professional experience, we know that maintenance persons, such as maintenance recipients, are prone to "forgetfulness" when giving their income. Attempts are made to avoid payments, information is kept secret, payslips show at one time less salary than during marriage, receipts are forged or processed, the maintenance recipient can no longer work full time, because the child suddenly can no longer stay with the grandparents, which during the marriage was no problem. If you are not sure whether your ex-partner really plays with open cards, contact us!
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Private detective for address determination and people search?

The discovery of a debtor who has made it with an unknown goal, or a debtor who wants to escape his responsibility by escaping, leaves any traces! Our detective agency is very well acquainted with the investigations against debtors, rental nomads, debtors and the related search for persons.

You need a private investigator to investigate theft and embezzlement?

Do you suspect that one of your employees is committing theft in the workplace? An unpleasant topic, in the best case, the batteries of the fragrance dispenser on the toilet disappear, but it can of course also get worse - when money or valuables are stolen from the company. According to estimates in almost every company, fraud, fraud and infidelity to a not inconsiderable extent occur in about 50 to 70 percent of the companies. Our experience shows that the motivations can be very different, they do not always come from an emergency situation, but mostly it is the tendency for self-enrichment that is responsible for it.
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Private detective at Stalking?

When love becomes obsession - stalking can strike anyone! It usually starts "small" and ends with a serious (mental) bodily injury. Should you be harassed by stalking and reenactment and be the victim of stalking by the ex-partner who is trying to reclaim you morbidly, or suffer from the morbid persecution "stalking" of a former acquaintance, friend, family member, neighbor or girlfriend, which also psychological pressure on you, contact our detective agency - we will help!

Defamation or slander and credit damage?

False claims, slander or insults to honor can not only offend, but also cause a lot of damage and threaten your existence! Defamation is a libel offense and technical term from the Criminal Code (StGB). According to §111 StGB (Criminal Code), the offense of the bad slander exists if one expresses or disseminates false claims about someone who is capable of disparaging it or degrading it in public opinion. Basically, the facts of the slander and slander are relatively similar. False assertion about someone is made in the Bad Reputation without knowing whether this claim is actually correct. The defamation, on the other hand, is a deliberately false suspicion of a criminal offense,
Private investigator, detective agency, detectives, PRO INVESTIGATIONS

Looking for a private investigator in case of problems with your tenant?

The perfect tenant seems to be found. But after a short time comes the awakening - the tenant does not pay the rent! If tenants fail to meet their payments and devastate the apartment, it can quickly become a major financial problem for owners, most of the rental nomads are well-groomed and may even pay the rent at the beginning of the tenancy. Then she suddenly stops. Many rental nomads act fraudulently in the first place and disappear in a night-and-fog action.

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The first consultation is completely without obligation and without charge. In many cases the cost of detective work can be demanded back from the injuring party by way of compensation according to § 1295 ABGB.

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