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We have the capacity, knowledge and resources to ensure that all of our private investigation work is fully compliant and undertaken in a lawful and ethical manner. Most importantly, we achieve the results you need. We employ a large and dedicated team and background check all agents; all of our private detectives, both male and female, are fully trained and sourced from government, military or police backgrounds and have the expertise to guarantee that you receive competent and effective service. They are tenacious, creative and highly-skilled. We are the experts.


In the world of investigations, the difference between a good investigator and a great investigator is often measured by their ability to conduct true, covert surveillance without being compromised. In the business, we call this “getting burned”. Not getting burned is the mark of someone who truly understands the craft of surveillance. Covert surveillance is an art just like any other. Positioning, equipment, intelligence, and undetected movement all fold into a successful surveillance or stakeout. However, the craft of surveillance is far from the TV show example of simply sitting in the back of a van with a camera across the street, it’s much more than that.

Divorce Investigation

When you're faced with divorce leave nothing to chance - they are complicated, sensitive, and sometimes dangerous depending on the nature of your divorce investigation. Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage contracted between a man and a woman, by the judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction, or by an act of the legislature. Either of the partners in a marriage can call for divorce but both parties must agree to completely nullify a marriage. Divorce records are available as a part of each state’s vital records information. divorce investigators are well accustomed to the complicated, sensitive, and sometimes dangerous nature of divorce investigations.


This is really a paradox: Fidelity and trust should be two of the values that are absolutely self-evident in every marriage and relationship. But nonetheless the surveillance of an allegedly unfaithful partner is one of the most common private reasons for engaging the services of a professional detective agency. If someone wants to cheat on their partner nowadays they are generally able to skillfully hide their tracks. In fact it is not for nothing that articles containing professional advice for having an affair are springing up like mushrooms on the forest floor in various magazines as well as in the Internet. These make it extremely difficult for the layperson to prove that their partner is having an affair.

Missing Persons

Partners or family members, a friend or acquaintance or in the most dramatic cases, a child: Anyone who is suddenly confronted with the disappearance of a loved one is catapulted into a mixture of shock, fear and grief. Because in addition to missing the absent person, there is also the nagging uncertainty: What happened on the day of the disappearance or shortly before that? Was this a crime or did the missing person disappear willingly? Are they in need of help or are they even still alive? Only a few of the many questions that the worried relatives or friends have and for which there is no answer. In most cases there is, of course, support available from the police when looking for missing persons – however, this is not always as intensive as the relatives or friends would like.

Child Custody Investigations

Parting is painful. This wise saying not only applies to divorces that are not by mutual agreement in which one of the two partners is suffering greatly through the breakup. The pain of separation is also not always based on the financial loss that a marriage partner must often endure. The most emotional breakups – in the private context and in a law court – are most often those where a fierce battle is fought for the custody of the couple’s children. Disputes that are incidentally not only on the agenda with marital divorces but also with the breakdown of non-married partnerships must be dealt with.

Alimony Investigations

A separation is almost always a painful process. One the one hand, if the separation is not mutually sought or if there is a decision to be made regarding the custody of the couple’s children, and on the other hand, if there is a dispute over any maintenance payments for the ex-partner or for the children living with the partner. Examination of maintenance Whether or not the family court orders maintenance payments and the amount that these should be set at depends to a great extent on the personal circumstances of the two partners and in some cases also on the reason for the breakup of the marriage. Due to the latitude afforded by the legal regulations, even these result in a great many lies being told in court, in particular in matters of maintenance.

Background Check

Also in preface to appointing (an employee) – in regards to the complete application and selection process- and also for filling possibly sensitive positions, it´s possible to investigate whether a candidate is ideal. This is particularly important when dealing with positions associated with a high degree of responsibility, with access to confidential data or activities involving the security business. In the vast majority of cases, the comprehensive investigative results of our detective agency can provide the company with a meaningful profile of the applicant with a high degree of relevance for the decision on appointment. Candidates can often be very inventive in order to gain access to the know-how of another company.

Online Dating

The world of dating has changed beyond recognition in just one generation. Back before the internet revolution, couples would ordinarily meet through friends, work and going to the local bar. While these are still ways to meet and find love, the internet has opened up a different kind of search. Unfortunately there is a big down side to online dating and forming online relationships – you can’t physically see or interact with the person you are talking to. You can’t hear their voice in person and accurately judge whatever they tell you about themselves. You just have to take their word as the truth until you know otherwise. There are of course millions of genuine profiles out there, of genuine people looking for love. Relationship scammers want to take your money, and with it your happiness.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking remains a huge problem throughout the world and is even continuing to grow as a multi-billion dollar criminal industry. Worse still, large trafficking operations are usually linked to powerful organized crime syndicates or even governmental officials and departments. Human trafficking comes in many forms and victimizes people and society in a diversity of ways. In order to provide equal rights for all the people of this planet, human trafficking must be stopped in all forms, although this seems like an impossible quest for the professionals who work diligently each and every day to help those who are brutalized by the practice.

Address Check

A person who does not wish to be found generally needs only to fail to inform the relevant residents’ registration office when they move house in order to cover most of their tracks. In these cases the research ends with the classical cliché that the missing person is of ‘unknown address’. The excellent investigative skills of our detectives as well as our flexibly deployable technical equipment can often locate the required address in a short period of time and with high accuracy. The reasons for employing our detective agency with regard to address location are varied and could be of a private or business nature.

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