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Long-term experience as well as the focus on the perfomance of highly discreet and goal-oriented investigation, professionalism, loyality as well as complete transparency are "PRO INVESTIGATIONS" highest priorities – from the war of the roses to a dispute between neighbours, from address inquiry to search for missing persons or people who keep themselves hidden.

Our detectives helps by

  • matrimonial and partnership matters
  • stalking
  • custody investigation
  • libel and slander
  • credit assessment

  • alimony issues
  • address inquiry
  • tenancy law
  • inheritance law
  • people search

Private detective for marriage & partnership?

Nothing gnaws at your relationship more than the constant suspicion of infidelity or even the very thought that my partner is cheating on me. What our investigations reveal is often extremely painful for our clients.

But certainty also often means a kind of relief - in the long run probably almost always.

Those who cheat on their partners these days can usually make their tracks skilfully. It is not so much the forgotten traces of lipstick or the smell of a strange perfume, or the aftershave that cause distrust. Rather, there are subtle nuances in terms of behavioral and essential changes that attract attention of the long-time spouse.

Before you lie awake at night wondering if your partner is a stranger, or if the supposed business trip is purely business related, you need clarity so you can be sure and sleep again.

In most cases, we can determine in no time whether the trust is abused by your partner or not, with mostly harsh consequences for the unfaithful partner, because the question of debt is crucial to possible maintenance claims.

Adultery is still valid, even if it does not constitute a criminal offense more than serious matrimonial marriage under § 49 Marriage Act and is interpreted as the taking of socially unacceptable, extramarital relations.

Private detective for maintenance matters?

After a separation, it is not just about the custody of any children or about how to fairly share the home furnishings without a chainsaw, but also about child support payments. In most cases, one party is required to pay, especially if children remain with one parent and no equal custody arrangements have been made.

Attempts are made to avoid payments, information is kept secret, payslips suddenly show less salary than during marriage, receipts are processed or forged, the maintenance recipient can suddenly no longer work full-time, as the child suddenly can no longer stay with his grandparents, which was not a problem during the marriage.

According to Austrian law, the maintenance claim is forfeited if the dependents live in a marriage partnership with a new partner.

If there is a suspicion that your ex-partner is paying too little support, contact us.

Private detective for custody investigations?

When it comes to matters relating to maintenance and custody cases, the victims are usually very much at stake. If one of the partners does not fulfill his legal obligations after a separation, the existence of the other is often endangered. For the most part, it is women who have little financial means for themselves and their children, but even the dispute over child custody ultimately becomes a nerve-wracking argument, which of course gnaws at the psyche and changes everyday life.

Injuries to the duty of care, changes in the work and income of the ex-partner as well as the establishment of a marital or marriage-like partnership require the law to change the previously agreed and made maintenance arrangements.

Precisely for this reason, the former partners often hide such changes in their lives.

The private investigators of the detective agency "PRO INVESTIGATIONS" in this area are particularly well-versed, qualified and provide optimal investigation results, for the benefit of our clients.

Private detective at Stalking?

The term "stalking" is derived from the English verb "to stalk", which means "stalking" in the hunter language and used for readjustment, prosecution and psycho terror. It refers to the intentional and repeated harassment and harassment of a person, so that his safety is threatened and he is severely impaired in his life and his privacy.

In Austria since July 1, 2006, the so-called "anti-stalking law" (§ 107a Penal Code, offense of "persistent persecution"), which protects victims of harassment better. "Stalking" is used when at least one of the following actions of a perpetrator unreasonably affects the victim and the behavior continues for a long time.

Should you be harassed by stalking and reenactment and be the victim of stalking by the ex - partner who is trying to reclaim you morbidly, or suffer from the morbid persecution "stalking" of a former friend, acquaintance, neighbor, family member or girlfriend, which also psychological pressure on you, contact our detective agency.

It is possible to obtain a court order, which provides that the stalker may no longer approach the victim. We can document and record the stalker's activities through investigations and observations, and provide the authorities with the necessary evidence.

Private detective for people search and address determination?

Almost everyone leaves their mark, be it via registration addresses, postal deliveries, social media, sweepstakes or bank accounts. The fact that a person completely disappears is normally only to be expected from professional criminals, but they also commit mistakes and can often be found.
Our private investigators are well versed in the investigations against Mietnomaden, debtors and related people search. Many rental debtors are drowning at home and abroad, claiming that they are avoiding persecution and do not have to pay their debts. You can rely on our experienced detective agency, whose investigators have found on behalf of numerous private landlords and housing cooperatives by a successful residency the new residence of the debtor tenant. After a successful search for a person with a good address is given. We work all over Austria, Europe and worldwide.

Private detective for inheritance law?

Not always is a community of heirs in agreement and not in each case is everyone entitled to inherit. But even with problems of this kind, our private investigators can help, so that everything is correct. A deceased person is referred to in inheritance law as a testator. Heirs are legal successors of the testator. The loss of a close relatives is bad enough, but it often comes in the estate settlement to legal problems. Especially if there is no will, an entitled person can not be found or a forgery of the will is suspected.
If there is a real suspicion that you are being robbed of their legitimate heritage, our seasoned investigators can help expose the Heirloom and assure clear, court-enforceable evidence and help you get your rights right. The Erbchleicher thinks in a criminal action, which is completely foreign to the heir or the relatives.

Private detective for tenancy law?

We investigate, observe, research and document in the event of rental disputes, unauthorized subletting or subletting.
Time and again, the courts are dealing with the issue of when spouses, life companions or children may enter into an existing lease. In the full application of the Law on Tenancy Law (MRG), which applies to old buildings erected before 9 May 1945, the assignment of tenancy rights is possible in two cases. Namely, if the previous tenant moves out and the apartment is handed over to the entrance or if after the death of the main tenant a close relative moves.

If the previous main tenant leaves the apartment, close relatives can take over the lease, including parents, children, spouses and registered partners, grandchildren and siblings, as well as adopted and adopted children. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the entrant has lived in the same household together with the main tenant for at least two years.

You need a private investigator to investigate theft and embezzlement?

Do you suspect that one of your employees is committing theft in the workplace? An unpleasant topic, in the best case, the batteries of the fragrance dispenser on the toilet disappear, but it can of course also get worse - when money or valuables are stolen from the company. According to estimates in almost every company.
Embezzlement, fraud and unfaithfulness occur to a significant extent in about 50 to 70 percent of companies.
Our experience shows that the motivations can be very different, they do not always come from an emergency situation, but mostly it is the tendency for self-enrichment that is responsible for it.
Whether in the supermarket, the bakery, in the car workshop, electrical traders, small or large companies, if they suspect to be robbed, contact us and let our detective agency advise you.


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