Economic Detective for Investigations in Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg, Eisenstadt, Bregenz, Innsbruck?

In Austria economic and industrial espionage is hardly seen as a threat, for the last five years around 8400 companies have been affected by it though.

The experts in our economic department have long-standing know-how as well as professional skills in the following fields:

Our detectives investigate

  • industrial espionage
  • illegal employment
  • fraud
  • theft
  • unfair competition

  • counterfeiting and piracy
  • debtor tracing
  • insurance fraud
  • sick leave monitoring
  • sales force monitoring

Economic detective for investigations into fraud, infidelity and theft?

According to statistics, 4 out of 10 cases of white-collar crime by external perpetrators are committed in Austria, of which 68% are committed by "frenemies", a word composed of "friend" and "enemy". These individuals are those who work with the company, agents, customers, suppliers, and external service providers. In the past two years, almost every second company has become a victim of white-collar crime, and the trend is growing rapidly. A study shows that the rate has risen from 36% in 2016 to 49%.
Ever more complex forms of economic crimes such as infidelity, sabotage, corruption, fraud and theft lead to existential risks for their company.

Detective in sick leave abuse?

"Volkssport sick-leave abuse", "sea instead of bakery", "sick parties during the period of notice, party partying in sick leave" or similar messages make the discussion about the incapacity of employees unsafe.

The employee has to behave in sick leave so that he gets well as soon as possible, further, the employee has to follow the instructions of the doctor. If he does not do so and if certain activities negatively influence the course of the disease or delay his recovery, this constitutes grounds for dismissal.

Are you suspected of working-time fraud, unauthorized side-employment and sick-leave abuse? Do not hesitate, contact us!
The detective costs can be demanded in most cases by the causer in accordance with §1295 ABGB back.
Private investigator, detective agency, detectives, PRO INVESTIGATIONS

Detective in insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is committed in all social classes, as a new smartphone, there a car accident, here an expensive clock, broken TV by lightning, broken mirrors - the insurance takes over the replacement of the items.

But what if the allegedly stolen bike leans in the cellar, the accident was staged to cash in afterwards, or you want to prove to the neighbor a "small favor" with your own liability insurance.

Exactly then, you commit a punishable offense ...
Our detectives are specialists in investigating fake occupational disability, fake theft, damage or destruction by fire. We support insurance companies, insurance agencies and insurance groups with our expertise specializing in the field of fraud investigations.

Victims of industrial espionage?

Many small and medium-sized industrial enterprises assume that they can not be interesting enough as a target for industrial espionage, a fatal mistake.
Around 27% of domestic companies have already been targeted by espionage attacks, the estimated damage amounts to around 1.6 billion euros per year.
Through systematic observation and investigation we clarify criminal acts and prevent further damage in your company through preventive countermeasures.
Employees who have operational expertise are a huge threat scenario - just for any business. Do not let your competition fool you any longer and hire the business investigators of the detective agency "PRO INVESTIGATIONS" to find the spy who will shed their trade secrets.

Detective on brands and product piracy?

Product piracy and counterfeiting are serious offenses, as counterfeiting or counterfeiting is the counterfeiting or mimicking of products, it is the targeted violation of patent rights, trademarks, copyrights and other rights.
Especially with technical devices, the alleged bargains often have to be paid dearly, because the price of counterfeit products also decreases their lifespan, performance and, above all, safety.
Luxury items have long since ceased to be plagiarized, and the imitation and counterfeiting of mass consumer goods such as watches, bags, medicines, sports shoes and clothing is steadily increasing.
Austrian customs seized 245,712 counterfeit products totaling more than 13.7 million euros (measured against the original price) last year. Thus, the number has increased compared to 2016 by 237 percent, especially counterfeit tablets are becoming an import hit.
If your company is a victim of product piracy, do not hesitate to contact us.
We protect their brands, patents and designs, we investigate throughout Europe as well as worldwide.

You are looking for a debtor?

Of course, hardly a debtor makes a reroute request, more and more debtors are no longer reporting on their new home, so they do not appear in the register of new home address.
We also investigate potential employers of the debtor, because if this pursues a regulated work, it is proven in this way also legally enforceable that due to the income, the outstanding claims can be fully settled.

Detective at moonlighting?

Officially, it is neighborhood assistance, but de facto mostly bungled!
This year, 24.1 billion euros worth of land have been moved to Austria, houses have been built, walls have been painted, hair has been cut and cars repaired without paying a penny in taxes.

Fiddling is still regarded in Austria as a "trivial offense", the bad conscience is mitigated that the state is to blame because of the high tax burden itself, that in this country are black worked. Companies have to be sharp in their prices in order to be competitive at all. Wage and labor costs play an important role in these calculations. In the case of illegal employment, such as moonlighting, the wage and labor costs are only a fraction of the regular costs. Taxes, social security contributions and insurance contributions are simply not paid. Thus, these illegal companies gain a significant competitive advantage over a legally acting competition.

Your business became the target of theft?

Vibratory plates or construction lasers, leveling equipment, tools or simply diesel from the tanks of the excavators and trucks, tons of heavy excavators, road rollers, telehandlers were just gone. There is no construction machine that thieves would not want
The men with the construction helmets and the gray overalls did not notice any further among the roadworkers on the Südautobahn (A2) just before Vienna. Their implement had brought the two: a tractor together with low loader. Serenely, they strolled over the construction site. Then everything went very fast.
With a duplicate key, one of the strangers started the 20-ton Caterpillar excavator and skilfully steered it onto the trailer. Waving friendly, the duo drove away with the heavy equipment. The workers did not notice that they had witnessed a theft when hours later the men of a construction crew with long faces searched for their excavator.

Protect yourself against economic and industrial espionage!

Virtually every enterprise can fall victim to economic and industrial espionage, and subsequently suffer significantly high financial as well as qualitative losses.

Therefore, every company makes every effort to ensure that any damage against assets and property is prevented and eliminiated, respectively. Moreover, preventive measures as well as weak point analysis belong to our field of specialisation.

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